9 Petite Women Style Tricks to Follow

For petite women, fashion can be a bit tricky. If you’re 5’3” or under, everything from chic tailoring and smart trousers to jeans and maxi dresses can be difficult to pull off without looking, well, swamped. But short of getting everything tailored, are there any styling tricks out there to help fashion women on the petite side?

We can get some petite style inspiration of Summer Fashion Trends 2019 from short celebrities in Hollywood, such as Emma Roberts 5’1”, Reese Witherspoon 5’2″, and the Mother of Dragon in Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke height is also 5’2″.

But today we’ll see the instagram blogger Alyssa Coscarelli’s style. This 5’2″ girl is with retro wool curls and short hair, dressed in the latest fashion of lazy, like a witty French girl, while you want to preserve every street shot. We can all still learn a thing or two from Alyssa’s perfect outfits for Petite women. (Note: All the images in this blog source: alyssainthecity via Instagram )

1. Petite Women Style Tricks – Creating Proportion
In addition to high-heeled shoes, the “tall” of a short person is only visually to improve your body’s proportion. It’s very simple to remember that after that, it’s just to “shorten” the upper body and “lengthen” the lower body.

2.Petite Women Style Tricks – Highlighting The Waist Line
“Shortening” the upper body is what we often call “pointing out the waist line, highlighting the waist line”, which actually contains many small details, such as wearing more short-style jackets, Alyssa often wears this way, just this year is more popular this kind of court-style short-style blouse.

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3.Petite Women Style Tricks – Matching with a Medium-high Bottoms
If it is a normal jacket, it can be matched with a medium-high waist jacket, tucked into the jacket, or use the belt and so on, can achieve the effect.

4.Petite Women Style Tricks – Choosing Short Style
The easiest way to stretch the lower half of the body is also to choose short style. Short pants and skirts are also suitable for summer wear.

5.Petite Women Style Tricks – Trying Long Skirt around the Calf Belly
If the proportion of legs is not very good, you can also try the long skirt around the calf belly, which is neglected by many small children.

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6.Petite Women Style Tricks – Trying Popular Long Open Skirt
Including this year’s popular long open skirt, is also a good choice, can lengthen the leg line visually.

7.Petite Women Style Tricks – Matching 9 Minutes Trousers
In the choice of trousers, small children can choose as far as possible 9 minutes trousers with bare ankles, trousers should not be too loose, small straight or tapered trousers are the most recommended, this kind of trousers is more fashionable, with leisure sports shoes, or elegant cat heels.

8.Petite Women Style Tricks – Continuity of manufacturing vision
We often mention that the most common way to make visual continuity is to wear the same color system. This way of wearing will not let your body in line of sight, be divided into several parts, but in the same whole, if combined with appropriate waist, the overall proportion will be better.

9.Petite Women Style Tricks – Medium Boots
Even medium boots, which are almost insulated from small people in ordinary times, can surprise you with the same color system.

Today, I share Alyssa’s dress. This does not mean that every look of Alyssa is suitable for all small children to imitate or even copy. More importantly, I hope you can learn these dress styles, and then find your own style and characteristics within the scope of the dress styles that are suitable for you.