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We are always talking about “French-style” because women all over the world want to know how to be as casual and charming as a Parisian woman.

But on the French fashion blogger Sabina Socol, it all seems easy: a retro open top with a large open collar, a high-waisted pair of jeans, or the print skirt you and I have all in her closet. “secret”. But she is particularly good-looking when she wears it. There is a hint of laziness and little sexy in the sweetness.

Floral skirt 1
Floral skirt @Sabina Socol

Seriously speaking, Sabina Socol doesn’t have a perfect face. The rounded short face is hard to get along with the “senior sense”, but it gives a sweet but not greasy affinity; the body is not slim, and it looks generous. The clothes that lead or show curves are extraordinarily feminine.

Suit+jeans @Sabina Socol

It is said that French women are easy to dress. In the composition of the posters, they can be “fine” and swearing – just wearing the one that suits them best, and spending their thoughts on the invisible place is their fashionable and careful machine!

We all know that we have to choose the clothes that suit our own, and to avoid weaknesses, but it is easier said than done. Only French women are doing this.

French Style - White Vest + Blue Denim
French Style Casual Chic to Summer Outfit White Vest + Blue Denim @Sabina Socol

Sabina Socol also knows that her face is round and full of the upper body. Therefore, she especially likes the clothes on the neckline, revealing the neck-to-shoulder line, which will be “skinny” visually.

High-waist-jeans-white@Sabina Socol


High-waist-jeans-white@Sabina Socol

Her legs are not slender, but they are also fleshy, so when choosing jeans, choose a straight or micro style.


High-waist-jeans-white@Sabina Socol

dress-Fit@Sabina Socol
Silk satin dress print skirt
Silk satin dress print skirt@Sabina Socol
Stiff material dress
Stiff material dress@Sabina Socol

However, the tension is the basic element to show the grace and elegance. The high waist design can lengthen the leg lines and make the legs grow a little longer~

Although Sabina Socol is a fleshy body, but people also have sports, so the muscles of the waist and back are particularly beautiful, so they can be exposed in a big way.

Sabina is also very nice to wear a dress~ but you must choose the “fit” style, and gently outline the exquisite curve… This is the key to the elegance of a French woman.

Just like Sabina Socol, who looks like “meat”, only when she puts on a bikini, you will find that she is not fat, but she is very tight.

Bikini blue
Bikini blue@Sabina Socol


@Sabina Socol

Therefore, she can wear a silk satin dress that is easy to expose the meat.

Wear a slim print skirt to wear an exquisite curve, showing an elegant posture anytime, anywhere.

Exquisite women never ignore the details, never!

If you invite a French woman to a party, she will never be the one with the strongest makeup on the spot, but if you look closely, you will find that it is her eyebrows or blushing position, even if it is boring. The base makeup, as well as the seemingly casual hair style, have been carefully managed.

Accessories jewelry is also very important~ French women never forget to wear a delicate necklace for a simple dress, or a nice bracelet, a few shiny rings… For them, these little details are It is the most important thing to form a perfect shape!

Well, the French woman’s fashionable “cultivating Dafa” is here. I wish you all the best in this 2019 change~

Source from Instagram