Summer Fashion 2019 – 6 Best Sandals Styles To Wear this Summer

You know the saying, ‘Give a girl the right shoes and she’ll conquer the world’? Well, Of course it was. 6 pairs of sandals for this summer is not such a big deal, especially since some of these styles we already own. Who’s to say we can’t buy extra though? Different colors. Different textures. I mean, Victoria Beckham buys the same dress in every possible color, cause… it’s not the same dress if it’s a different shade.

Almost ALL styles are IN, and sitting this one out would be such a shame. So let’s get this thing rolling and see which shoes we MUST buy and wear this summer. SPOILER: the best ones have made the cut, from comfy to impossibly sexy, YET other styles are not excluded. With one amendment though, they must make us feel like a sartorial connaisseur/bitch-I-own-this-look! – on heels or not. Below is the 6 Best Sandals Styles to Wear in 2019 Summer.

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1. 2019 Sandals Trends – Block Heel Sandals

2. 2019 Sandals Trends – Step And Ball Heel Sandals

3. 2019 Sandals Trends – PVC Sandals

4. 2019 Sandals Trends – Strappy Sandals

5. 2019 Sandals Trends – Ankle Strap Sandals

6. 2019 Sandals Trends – Pointed Moller Sandals

I think we can all agree, when it comes to the feet-adorning-expensive-ludicrously-sexy-versus-comfy-soles-with-a-body, ALL women love to spend, and own as many pairs as there are days in a year. Designers know this. So do retail chains. And it seems as if this summer there’s a fashion conspiracy to make us bankrupt in fabulous shoes. Let’s try these most popular sandals now.

Women spend their lives trying to find a balance between “fake poise” and “comfortable good looks.” A good pair of shoes needs to be smart, stylish, and, most importantly, comfortable. So many beautiful sandals this summer, don’t hesitate to follow Sandal Style of 2019 Summer Fashion Trend.