What to wear on vacation? Follow the fashion blogger Aimee Song to buy these!

If you don’t know what to wear on vacation, I suggest you look through the private photo of fashion blogger Aimee Song. From California,she can play the most romantic holiday style, proud expression, confident light, plus her Sense bursts the table.
her daily style is simply a matching textbook with a strong personal color, let’s learn together~

Source from Instagram

On a hot summer day, a variety of printed maxi dresses occupy Aimee Song’s wardrobe. Many little fairies think that only white skin can wear a print, not necessarily, Aimee Song has a very healthy complexion, and it is also handy to control printed items.

printed maxi dresses

printed maxi dresses
printed maxi dresses @Aimee song

silk satin small sling + white jeans, this is a classic pair worn by French bloggers, full of rich French style.

Silk satin small sling + white jeans,
Silk satin small sling + white jeans @Aimee song

The white shirt + suspender skirt is also a very simple combination, but comfortable and natural.

The white shirt + suspender skirt
The white shirt + suspender skirt @Aimee song

The convex and concave body is not rejected for the tight-fitting openwork skirt, and the sexy point of “pointing to the end” expresses the female posture.

tight-fitting openwork skirt
tight-fitting openwork skirt @Aimee song

The elegant and elegant yarn texture dress has a kind of holiday-like leisure and comfort. The sea breeze and the sleek skirts interpret the female romantic tenderness.

elegant yarn texture dress
elegant yarn texture dress @Aimee song

Want to make a good vacation blockbuster, how can we lack a decent swimwear, fashion blogger Aimee song chose a small floral swimsuit, the high waist design of the body shows her good figure.

small floral swimsuit
small floral swimsuit @Aimee song
crisp wide-leg pants
crisp wide-leg pants @Aimee song

The larger prints are perfect for elegant outfits, with a pair of crisp wide-leg pants that are full of eye-catching everyday and holiday.

Every blogger grows to a certain stage, will set up his own clothing brand, let his style of wear continue, fashion blogger Aimee song is no exception, this summer, she cooperated with e-commerce Revolve to launch Song of style 2019 Spring and summer women’s dress, the essence of her wear is concentrated into this series.

Hot orange dress, like the red sunset in Los Angeles, put on it, you have the sunshine and freedom of California girls.

Hot orange
Hot orange dress @Aimee song

There is also this printed maxi dress, the gorgeous color with sexy opening, the most feminine side. Is fashion so difficult? It seems like you can put on these nice clothes~

printed maxi dress
printed maxi dress @Aimee song