DIY 6 Must-have Hairstyle Tips To Stay Cool This Summer

Do you wanna DIY hair in summer?

If you’ve been growing out your hair since the last time summer rolled around, it’s time for a change. Schedule a haircut or simply switch-up your current length by trying out a new texture or cool accessory. It doesn’t matter if you have waves, curls, or straight hair—just get ready to screenshot. These are trendest hairstyles you’ll see everywhere this summer.

Would you like to try a DIY cool haircut? Let’s learn about it together.

Source from Instagram

1.DIY Cool Summer Hairstyle – Double Braid
Summer go out the most afraid of is the hair mess, braiding hair not only can always maintain the shape does not collapse, but also can join in a dust changeless hairstyle careful machine, it is invincible!

Double Braid @KimHyunA

2.DIY Cool Summer Hairstyle – Double Braid
Soft bud feels super hemp flower double braid, suit to send very much fairy, tie-in thin air bang and girl makeup look, resemble doll simply.

Double Braid @taeri_taeri

3.DIY Cool Summer Hairstyle – Korean Double Braid
The double braid of sense of Korean type fleabness and common modelling are about the same actually, it is much only small coil bang this careful machine.

Double Braid + Small Volume Bang @KimHyunA

4.DIY Cool Summer Hairstyle – Pony Tail Double Braid
Short hair pony tail double braid modeling is also special girl, you can refer to zhang jiani, want the short hair girls sweet modeling please feel free to copy this hair.

pony tail double braid @zhangjiani_666

5.DIY Cool Summer Hairstyle – Boxing Plait
Boxing plait, look like very handsome, but did not expect so reduce age to drop in temperature!

Boxing Plait @paris.ssss

6.DIY Cool Summer Hairstyle – Round head
Many female stars alsp prefer Round head, after all, it is the most convenient and beautiful.

Round head @zhou.jieqiong & @w.xuanyi0126

7.DIY Cool Summer Hairstyle – Round head
Song qian is used to when tying bun head, the broken hair before forehead can pull a few, can block not only the big forehead that keeps hairline and her, also can make languor lazy fashionable feeling, it is perfect demonstration to give big forehead simply!

Round Head + Forehead Hair @victoria02_02

Summer is the most afraid of going out is messy hair,

Would you like to try a DIY cool hairstyles? Just get ready to screenshot and do it yourself.

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