Parisians’ Apartment Interior Design That Are Basically Chic, According To Jeanne Damas

Paris girls have good taste.

Love to see supermodel’s street snap, it girl’s instagram? But have you ever noticed that their homes are as good as these beautiful people’s dress sense? Summer sunshine is brilliant, it is time the household that gives oneself is exhibited will point small change. Let’s look for inspiration of French fashionable young woman’s apprtment Interior Design Decor together.

Parisian IT girl Jeanne Damas is not only known for her French approach to fashion—that centers around easy, timeless pieces like oversize blazers and floral dresses—but also her French approach to beauty. Much like her fashion, her hair and makeup always look effortless and understated, so we were curious about her apartment interior design.

See Parisians’ apartment outfit style and fashionable detail, whether can bring you trifling household inspiration. Even the fashionable sheet in their almirah is tasted, the love of dresser uses colour makeup, also can explore to a few minutes!

Parisians’ Apartment Interior Design @jeannedamas

Jeanne Damas is a well-known fashion blogger and founder and designer of Rouje, a French women’s wear label that often produces chic French jeans and tea-break dresses for everyday and holiday wear. Her home is also full of a strong taste of Paris, while holding the owner’s artistic atmosphere and romantic elements.

Parisians’ Apartment Interior Design – Living Room @jeannedamas

This is her living room, it is fundamental key with white, fill with brunette sofa and the book magazine of bright eye, bottle jar. Although do not have what costly sheet to taste of living room interior design decor, the life breath is full however, make a person feel comfortable comfortable.

Parisians’ Apartment Interior Design – French Window @jeannedamas

The vintage fridge by the Floor-to-ceiling window is Jeanne Damas’s favorite corner. Because it’s light and relaxing, perfect for standing in front of the window at breakfast, looking at the view, drinking coffee, and taking photos in the background. Floor-to-ceiling Window Interior Design Decor.

Parisians’ Apartment Interior Design – Domestic Outfits @jeannedamas

She still can be irregularly small to bookshelf, mantelpiece outfit content makes a few adjustment, convert mood between subtle style change, seek inspiration. Domestic Outfits Adjustment.

Parisians’ Apartment Interior Design – Toilet Glass @jeannedamas

The toilet mirror on fireplace but the selfie ground that Jeanne Damas likes most, the flower that puts and sweet atmosphere candle give host’s good grade fully inadvertently. Toilet Glass Interior Design Decor.

Parisians’ Apartment Interior Design – Sitting Room @jeannedamas

The other side of the sitting room is putting ark of a medium ancient short, also was put by Jeanne full to the brim small object, ark bottom is the shoe that she often wears most, it is joker to had worn ankle boot completely. Sitting Room Interior Design Decor.

Parisians’ Apartment Interior Design – Bedroom @jeannedamas

Her bedroom has girl’s melting feeling more, the wallpaper of orange pink and sheet of purple printing are showing a child to restore ancient ways tone, but tender and relaxed. Bedroom Interior Design Decor.

Parisians’ Apartment Interior Design – Lipstick Table @jeannedamas

Parisians’ Apartment Interior Design – Colour Makeup Drawer @jeannedamas

Parisians’ Apartment Interior Design – Skin Care Table @jeannedamas

Parisians’ Apartment Interior Design – Artwork @jeannedamas

The book, small picture is to reflect the necessary sheet of master art accomplishment to taste, the pottery pot of color of morandi, flower and dry flower also can add life interest, newspaper friends got? Source from Instagram

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