20 Easy And Creative Thanksgiving Nails Designs That Will Inspire You

Autumn & Winter is coming, and then comes the holiday season, such as Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Should our nail designs also change with different festivals?

Thanksgiving nails inspiration is a must. Such attributes of the fall as rain, wine, yellow leaves, and turkey are unchangeable. But your nails are always different, unlike the fall. Step aside from unimaginative nail art that is already dull as ditchwater. Bring some feast into your manicure, and it will be pure delight for your eye every time you look at it. Last but not least, these nails are very easy, you may DIY nails at home! Enjoy our collection!

Main photo from nata3110nata

Photo 1-3: Elegant Dip Powder Square Nails

Photo 4-6: Simple Design & Pure Color Mix Nails

Photo 7-9: Glitter Pure Color  Nails

Photo 10-12: DIY Easy Pure Color  Nails

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