20+ stylish flower nail art designs and ideas 2019

At the time of summer, the flowers bloom, the earth has changed into colorful scenery, which gives the season a summer atmosphere. At this time, the clothing items must be updated into a brand new image, for example, A lot of pink colors or purely simple contours add a soft and natural texture to the clothes, while girls who pay attention to the overall shape, must not miss the key features even small details, like the art of fingertips also creates a response With the combination, you can connect the harmonious and complete beauty. If you are worried about choosing the color scheme of nails, then the following 10 kinds of flower color choices suitable for summer are recommended. Through the extension of different nails styles, nails art design,you can make one of the most beautiful,bright and unforgettable impression!

Flower-patterned nails are quite popular in this summer. Be sure to check out the “Flower Painted Nail” below. This is a design that carefully depicts the stems and leaves, or preserves the original color of the flowers, even if you are attending a party. Why not challenge to try?

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Vintage floral nails

elegant floral nails

cute style flora nails

Street style flora nails

Mature and cute flower painted nails, which one do you like?