25+ Beautiful Creativity and Unique Nail Art Designs & Ideas from Mei 2019

Manicurist must be a person with sensitive graphics and color touch. Every time I see the color of the contrast, I feel that my heart has been hit. The moderate mix of colors and the clever use of graphics will always have new and unexpected effects. But it is just right, playful and elegant nails.

Nails by Mei is a famous manicurist on Instagram. Now she is a Japanese manicurist in New York. Her nail design is full of creativity and various styles are unique. She can always paint a variety of or complicated or simple designs on her nails, full of creativity, and also the art of nails .here are some Art Designs & Ideas from Mei as below.

Source from Instagram

Girls who are more interested can go to her Instagram to find out, search Nailsbymei. Or when you are in/go to New York, you can make an appointment to see if you have any chance to experience her wonderful skill.