8 Best Summer Commuting Nail Designs to Try

Sprucing up your commuting nails is one of the easiest, most lively ways to play with your beauty look. Summer is coming. Now is the perfect time to jump on fun trends while we transition from our spring looks. We looked at stats and spoke to nail experts, and they’ve given us insight into the colors, shapes, and finishes that will champion this season — and the best tips on how to get the looks at work! Yeah, DIY! Do It Yourself!

This summer, it’s all about bold commuting nail colors, fun nail art, and almond-shaped nails. This year’s best daring colors are different from the vibrant corals and neon oranges of the past, muted peaches and cornflower blues are having their time in the sun. You can also try shaking up your look with commuting nail art. Eye-catching graphic lines and rainbow manicures will reign.

Scroll down for the hottest summer 2019 commuting nail color and nail art trends, You’ll actually wear this commuting nail art all season long.

Source from Instagram

1.The most versatile nude pink commuting nails with a hint of opal. Temperament and generous, office workers drop first choice.

Nude Pink Nails + Opal Commuting Art Design @gracenail

2.Slightly more high-profile than the one above, the simplicity hides a sense of caution. Still good for commuting overall, nude commuting nails is never wrong.

Nude Nails Commuting Art Design @gracenail

3.A large pale pinkish pink commuting nail with a blue-purple opal and a small amount of gold foil.

Nude Nails + Gold foil Commuting Art Design @gracenail

4.A crisp beige commuting nail white with a big opal, it’s super nice.

Crisp beige nails + Opal Commuting Art Design @nyanyanya

5.Super beautiful nude commuting nails, refreshing color palette with this iridescent patch, the rogue is exotic.

Nude Nails + Iridescent Patch Commuting Art Design @nyanyanya

6.Shell is the core element of summer forever, low-key nude commuting nails deserves to go up the three-dimensional carving of shell, did not expect to also be good-looking unexpectedly.

Shell Nails + Stereo Carve Commuting Art Design @linghuannprivatenailsalon

7.Bohemian Commuting nails is generally matched with peacock green, this time unexpectedly matched with the nude color department, but also nothing against the sense.

Bohemian Nails + nude color Commuting @reimnail

Summer is the perfect time to really go for it with your manicure—you’ll be wearing fewer layers, so it’s a chance to use your fingers as an extra accessory. Plus, a boost of (safe, sun-free) color might inspire you to try a shade you wouldn’t always reach for in the dead of winter. So feel free to dive into the nail ideas we’ve been stockpiling from our favorite celebrity nail artists and salons. Just do it yourself right now!